360 Allstars

If you’re looking for cool at this year’s Fringe, look no further. 360 Allstars is every 90s kid’s teenage dream - and anyone else’s, come to that. Take your pick from beatboxing, break-dancing, BMX tricks and more in one action-packed hour of the ultimate award-winning showmanship.

I defy anyone not to come out of this show with a huge smile on their face

As soon as lights reveal two towers topped by an impressively large drum kit and DJ decks, it’s clear that these guys mean business. Introducing each performer to a soundtrack that is mixed live by vocal artist Sam Perry and master musician Gene Peterson, the show goes from 0-60 miles an hour in the space of less than a minute.

My eyes were instantly drawn to the kinetic typography projected onscreen, fusing the non-stop audio-visual effects with the prowess of this group as their silhouettes were literally constructed from Perry’s lyrics. This is a seriously awesome line-up: two world champion breakdancers, a twice world champion BMX flatlander, an international Rou Cyr artist - the list goes on.

More than simply being a stunt show, however, the joy is in the way that this ensemble works so smoothly together. Whilst each gets their turn to shine - and don’t they know it - they are blindingly talented as one in the finale. The comic timing of USA’s ‘Basketball Man’ and the video-game setting for a showdown between breakdancers BBoy Leerok and BBoy Kareem were just two instances where the show becomes more than just amazing physical feats. The musical sections, showcasing Perry’s multi-track talents and Peterson’s badass drumming, were also standout highlights.

It’s hard to compress this much energy into one production, but somehow they have managed it. Watching the entire ensemble effortlessly swapping roles - with everyone busting a move in one slick dance piece - brings home just how much talent is onstage in front of you.

When performers are clearly having this much fun, the energy is infectious. I defy anyone not to come out of this show with a huge smile on their face - but be careful, you might have an expensive Christmas list this year.

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The Blurb

360 Allstars is a phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar international cast, including world champion athletes and world-class performers, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical reinvention of circus! Fusing amazing physical skills with the extraordinary artistry that emerges from urban culture and with a stunning live soundtrack delivered by award-winning musicians, 360 Allstars is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement! 'A supercharged show' (Theatermania.com). 'As a modern circus performance this was as slick as it gets' (StageWhispers.com.au).