This show has the kind of title that gets you feeling excited right away. 360 ALLSTARS promises a full spectrum of stunts and tricks from various street-based performing methods. Involving a ton of urban styles - breakin', basketball skills, MCing, BMXing, beat boxing and Roue Cyr to name a few - this show definitely promises to bring something totally new to the field of circus entertainment.

This is such a fresh take on the circus concept, with tricks and acrobatics given a different urban twist that really makes this show stand out.

The show is an extravaganza of technique and expertise. As each member of the team is introduced we get a tiny flavour of what's to come, and as each of them then individually takes to the stage we really get to see what they can do.

Rhys Miller makes Roue Cyr look easy as he handles the giant metal hoop with ease and confidence, even when he is so dangerously close to the ground that he elicits gasps from the audience. Similarly, Peter Sore demonstrated amazing BMX-based tricks, even more impressive given the inevitably confined stage space he had to work with. Basketball Man provides not only huge skill but a really unexpected amount of comic relief, which was a pleasant surprise. A special mention has to go to Sam Perry, not only for his MCing but for providing all the music and utilising a loop station, guitar effects pedal and a microphone. Perry does things for live-looping unlike anything I've experienced before. Taking the time to explain to the audience what he was doing was a great idea, as it was so flawless and well done I don't think any of us would have known he wasn't just playing tracks.

This is such a fresh take on the circus concept, with tricks and acrobatics given a different urban twist that really makes this show stand out. Not easy within the festival either, where circus acts have become so much more prevalent in the last few years. The hip-hop styling of this show was so genuine and felt far more real and authentic than I'd thought they would achieve. Definitely not to be missed!

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

A phenomenal physical performance exploring all forms of rotation, 360 ALLSTARS connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus. Boasting a stellar international cast, including the two-time World Champion BMX Flatlander, two World Champion breakdancers, an internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler, and an exceptional roue cyr artist, 360 ALLSTARS is a spectacular fusion of the extraordinary artistry that emerges from street culture. And with award-winning live musicians, 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement! ‘A supercharged show’ (TheaterMania.com, New York). ‘As slick as modern circus gets’ (StageWhispers.com.au).