2 Complicated

After the success of last year’s dark comedy Way Back, 2 Complicated was bound for success. Daniel (Matt Lim), while still living with this ex-girlfriend, decides what he really needs to get over her is a long distance relationship. This seemingly simple solution to his problems is the catalyst for every complication thereafter, certainly making the play live up to its name. After a lot of confusion and social juggling, Daniel ends up with two long distance girlfriends and rekindled feelings for his ex.

There were moments of sincerity amongst the comedy, drawing on the emotional impact technology has on modern relationships.

Daniel Henry Kaes succeeds in creating a script that is witty, relevant and relatable, and all the characters were distinct and easy to sympathise with. Personal highlights were the hilariously slow and mysterious Don who cropped up as a doorman and a barman, and the personification of Daniel’s thoughts, played wonderfully by Thomas Schlordt. Schlordt's place in the narrative kept jokes alive, added to the madness and also packed in characterisation that would have seemed forced if offered up in monologues. All in all it was a very well structured and sophisticated play.

2 Complicated made a feature of the technology its characters were exploring by integrating video montage footage and Skype calls on a TV screen, which was a clever and well executed element, moving scenes along and adding humour with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, constellations, potatoes and the mating rituals of birds.

There were moments of sincerity amongst the comedy, drawing on the emotional impact technology has on modern relationships. These perhaps could have been given more breathing space, but it was a small blemish on a brilliant play and another success for Punchline Theatre.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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A fast-paced comedy about relationships in the modern world, nominated for the Cambridge Footlights Award for Best Comic Play. "A delightful romantic comedy ... wonderfully amusing" (Broadway Baby). Hilarious new comedy, fusing multimedia and theatre. From the company behind last year's hit dark comedy ‘Way Back’. "Without wanting to sound too vain, it was a bit like something I might do" (Alex Horne, The Horne Section).