2 Become 1

50 minutes of Britney, Shania Twain, All Saints and the Spice Girls: every 90s girl’s dream. 2 Become 1 is a hilarious pop-musical, following four friends who sing all the classics with great energy and great voices.

You will be laughing, clapping along to your favourite 90s tunes and maybe even having a little dance yourself.​

When Jess is dumped by her boyfriend, her friends jump in with a night of speed dating to help her cheer up and move on. At first Jess is crying on the floor in a fluffy dressing-gown and Minnie Mouse slippers, but soon she is belting out Never Ever and the four best friends are out, scrunchies in place, to find themselves a man.

The pitfalls of dating provide endless opportunities to draw a laugh and a song. There is one idea, and the show sticks to it, but it’s great fun. The girls are constantly bursting into song and whipping out their sexy dance moves - there is a particularly funny rendition of Britney’s Crazy – and by the end, the actors and the audience are having a real party together. Throughout, the temptation to sing along is hard to fight back.

The cast give it their all. Between them, they are everything you could want in a group of friends: heartbroken Jess (Natasha Granger), Amanda the hopeless romantic (Bethany Black), go-getter Charlie (Eliza Hewitt-Jones) and the slightly dim and hilariously eccentric Molly (Kerrie Thomason). Armed with Cosmo as their Bible, the four are consistently funny and strongest together, when their personalities really come through. Their performances are confident and unwavering, and they are clearly having a ball.

2 Become 1 is a party of a show. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than fun, and you will be laughing, clapping along to your favourite 90s tunes and maybe even having a little dance yourself.

Reviews by Alice Moore

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The Blurb

Comedy pop-musical following four 90s girls embarking on a wild night of speed dating, meeting Mr Wrongs and Mr Rights along the way. A hilarious non-stop journey through infectious pop anthems and ballads. After her recent break-up, Jess is left crying into her Häagen-Dazs, and what better way to unbreak her heart than to meet a man a minute. Relive that 90s love with all your favourite classics from Shania Twain to All Saints and witness speed dating before the takeover of Tinder.