101 Reasons Why I #@%$ Katie Hopkins

Though billed as theatre, 101 Reasons Why I #@%$ Katie Hopkins is essentially a lecture on odious media figure Katie Hopkins, complete with biography and PowerPoint presentation, but sadly little analysis or engagement.

The show ends by advising that we simply ignore Katie Hopkins, when its own existence stands in contradiction to this message.

Large portions of the show consist of reading out Hopkins’ shocking tweets or quotes, and then reading out what Internet commenters and more established performers said in response. Rather than just moving on to the next quote, deeper engagement with only a few of Hopkins’ positions by way of original commentary could have lifted these sections. The jokes are largely obvious or rely on more unoriginal devices, such as the old “here is a list of things I hate” contrivance, or using Internet memes unironically as punchlines

The show also undermines itself in two key ways. Firstly, it clearly aims to hold the moral high ground by condemning Hopkins’ fat-shaming and ableist remarks. But it also slutshames her with a tabloid picture of her having sex and appropriates a quote from another source to call her a ‘c**t’ and a ‘wh**e’. A superfluous tangent about Ann Coulter features a transphobic remark about her possibly being a man. The result is that later attempts at sympathy for Hopkins seem insincere.

Secondly the show ends by advising that we simply ignore Katie Hopkins, when its own existence stands in contradiction to this message. No attempt is made to solve this paradox. The show recommends one thing whilst charging eight pounds a ticket for doing the exact opposite, and indeed contributing to the problem it ostensibly tries to alleviate. As art or as entertainment there is nothing to recommend about this show.

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The Blurb

Katie Hopkins! The human incarnation of Marmite. Love her or hate her, she never fails to deliver a reaction. But is she really that bad? Is she our pantomime baddie? Or just a strongly outspoken, mildly famous woman? Join this stay at home, Birkenstock wearing, vanilla opinionated Mum on her journey as she questions the opinions and preferences of Britain’s favourite rent-a-gob. An energetic one-woman rant guaranteed to lead you on an unexpected emotional rollercoaster before asking the audience, which four letter word suits the title best.