10 Films with My Dad

10 Films With My Dad is a PowerPoint assisted piece of stand up telling the story of one man’s relationship with his father.

By no means a groundbreaking slice of comedy, but a relatively tasty one.

Aidan Goatly, Brighton resident, pet shop manager and star of the show, is less stand-up comedian than he is a dad and husband showing a close knit group of friends his latest holiday photos. His voice is as soft as his manner is genial. Over the course of the hour the audience is lulled into a pleasant sense of security as Goatly wanders his way through a selection of ‘80s and ‘90s films, dropping a handful of jokes in around homely anecdotes. It’s the comedic equivalent of a sunday afternoon spent on the sofa, watching a classic John Wayne, looking at Fair Isle sweaters on eBay and deciding what take-away to order.

What the show lacks in edge it makes up for with a well coloured bunch of characters and a solid narrative. The story is essentially one of a son searching for the acceptance of his father. As much as this all sounds a little Hollywood, there is enough self-deprecation and bumbling Englishisms to render the heartwarming conclusion palatable. Add to this some vaguely nerdy film based humour and a couple of amateurish video cutaways and you have 10 Films With My Dad: by no means a groundbreaking slice of comedy, but a relatively tasty one. 

Reviews by Milo Boyd

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The Blurb

How do fathers and sons communicate? For Aidan and his dad it was films. Find out how in 'the most, charming, happy and optimistic show you'll see' (FringeGuru.com). Now in its fourth year!