Going To Space: 5 Kilo Sugar

Tik-sho-retseeks to bring a touch of Israeli culture to Edinburgh this year with its fast paced comedy 5 Kilo Sugar. 

The play is a comedy, but also has some really touching moments which could surprise a Fringe audience.

Tell us about your show

5 Kilo Sugar is a fast-paced comedy written by Gur Koren - who recently won an award for Best Playwright for Theatre in Israel.

It follows the story of Gur, whose late grandfather appears to him through people he knows and randomly meets. Gur is sent on a mission that takes him from sugar smuggling in WWII to the bed of a lecturer in Eastern European history.

Set in Tel Aviv, and written in the style of a mockumentary, the play is a farcical yet touching story of one man's journey to fulfil his grandfather's wishes.

Why did you decide to take your show to Space UK this year?

After successful runs at Brighton Fringe and Tristan Bates Theatre in London in 2014, we were keen to bring the show to the Edinburgh Fringe. The play is a comedy, but also has some really touching moments which could surprise a Fringe audience. We were drawn to theSpaceUK as they are well respected, supportive and have a genuine interest in guiding your company to a successful Fringe experience. Our venue is in a perfect location as well!

What are you most looking forward to at this years festival?

We're looking forward to showcasing 5 Kilo Sugar to an international audience; seeing people laugh at our story; and being part of a diverse community of companies showcasing new and exciting work.

What makes your show unique amongst the thousands of others at the festival?

As far as we are aware, 5 Kilo Sugar is the only Israeli play being presented at is year's Festival. Previous audiences have commented on it being enlightening and entertaining to those both familiar and new to the Jewish and Israeli cultures.

We're also playing a late evening slot in Edinburgh, offering audiences an alternative to the stand-up and music shows typical of that time.

How did you create your show?

Ariella Eshed, our director, translated an extract of Gur Koren's play from Hebrew to English in 2012 as part of a showcase of New Writing from Israel. The successful response lead to full productions at Brighton Fringe/Tristan Bates Theatre in 2014 and more recently a one-off performance at the London Jewish Cultural Centre (LJCC) late last year.

We're excited to be bringing a developed version of '5 Kilo Sugar' to Edinburgh, following a preview run at Camden's Etcetera Theatre from 27th July-1st August this year.

Can you tell us a bit about your companys background?

Tik-sho-ret (meaning "communication' in Hebrew) was formed in 2005 by Ariella Eshed with an aim to give a platform to Israeli and Jewish theatre in the UK, encourage collaborations through cultural and artistic exchange and create educational and community-based projects around themes of communication and co-existence.

We are thrilled to be returning with 5 Kilo Sugar for its 2015 Summer tour - find out more about the show and company at www.tik-sho-ret.co.uk

Show Name: 5 Kilo Sugar

Production Company: Tik-sho-ret Theatre Company

Venue: theSpace on the Mile (Theatre One)

Dates: 7th-15th (not 9th)

Times: 22:25-23:25

Twitter Handle: @tikshorettheatr