Road to the Fringe - Memories of a Lullaby with Saras Feijoo

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

it's about the constant tension inside ourselves, between those things we want to remember and those we wish we could forget.

Hello! My name is Saras Feijoo. I am an international multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker, producer and performer. I specialise in theatre clown, physical theatre, storytelling, immersive installations and metaphysical, figurative visual art.

At Brighton Fringe, my solo show Memories of a Lullaby will have its world premiere. Also, it is one of 5 shows to be awarded the Encore Insure First Brighton Fringe Bursary.Additionally, I will be performing: Blooming Surprise, a one woman theatre clown show about loneliness, hope and love,

What’s your show all about?

Memories of a Lullaby is a one woman show about my experience growing up in Venezuela. In this piece, I share stories of the corruption cases I witnessed or heard about, the sound of gunshots I could heard every night, the very palpable fear of death and the beauty of the country, my friends, family and the Caribbean sea, which I visited very often!

The show started with my own stories but soon, transformed into a more universal message as, unfortunately, many people around the world are experiencing or have experienced similar situations. It is an expression of that constant battle some of us experience inside ourselves on a daily basis and how, I personally, have found a way to transcend it and create art.

Throughout the piece, I combine three art forms: storytelling, physical political theatre and visual arts, which means I create a large scale painting while I perform.

For this show, I have worked with an exceptional team, including Yael Karavan, director/creative advisor of the Karavan Ensemble and former member of Derevo. She has helped me to bring out these experiences, exploring the material I have inside in order to create this work. Marelis Loreto Amoretti, a philosopher, who has written philosophical articles for me about the situation in Venezuela but also about other subjects I have been exploring. Her writing helped me to understand myself more, as well as the fact that, to some extent, I am the result of a rotten society. Gavin Taylor, composer/musician and Luis Perez Valero, composer/musician, both brought in their expertise to create bespoke tracks that are used in the most significant moments of the show.

Is this a new show or have you performed it elsewhere?

Memories of a Lullaby will have its world premiere at Brighton Fringe!

Are you a seasoned Fringe performer or is this a first time outing for you?

This is my first time performing at Brighton Fringe and I am very much looking forward to it!.

What brings you to Brighton? Why did you decide to enter this year’s Fringe?

I have heard many nice things about Brighton Fringe and late last year a little desire to come along started to appear and then, a few fellow artists encouraged me to do so, including Yael, so I decided to apply and by my surprise, I got awarded a bursary for one of my productions.

Where will you be performing? 

The Warren: Studio 3, 20-22 May, 18:30

If you had to sum up your show in one line what would it be?

Memories of a Lullaby is about the constant tension inside ourselves, between those things we want to remember and those we wish we could forget.