Liquid Refreshment that could promote your show

At this festival we want to encourage you to get out and see a little more of the city. To that end we’re planning more features on the bars, pubs and clubs that don’t necessarily have a venue number nailed above their door, including curated pub crawls around the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. We’ve even created a new section for this content – Extra Curricular. Drink Responsibly.

And as a little incentive to the performers to venture out of their own venue over the month we’ve come up with a simple competition. Every day during our coverage, our Editor at Large, Richard Beck, will be visiting a new bar to seek out the Barstar of the Day. It’s a popular content strand we started last year, but this year it comes with a twist. Once we’ve published the daily Barstar, if you’re the first to get your own photo with them holding your flyer and post that to Twitter with the hashtag #Barstar and tag in @BroadwayBaby, we’ll give you a free advert for the day. Easy as that.

Some rules to keep it friendly:  

  • Each show can only win once over the month
  • The first Tweet will be determined by the timestamp on Twitter.
  • It must be a genuine photo of our Barstar holding your flyer. Put Photoshop away.
  • The hashtag #Barstar and tag @BroadwayBaby must appear in your Tweet, otherwise we’ll never find it.
  • We’ll DM you to inform you if you’re a winner, so make sure you’re following us so we can do that.
  • The daily prize is one day’s worth of either leaderboard or MPU advertising, by default the next full day after the winner is chosen, but you can nominate a different day. If you don’t understand what leaderboard or MPU means, take a look at our advertising page.
  • Bars are businesses. Please show respect for employees by not making unreasonable demands on them if they are busy.
  • The Publisher’s decision is final.