How To Market Your Show event at C venues on 3rd August

Experienced industry professionals are offering personal time and advice to Fringe performers at a How to Market Your Show event hosted by C venues.

Seasoned veterans of the Fringe from various backgrounds are leading a panel on techniques ranging from grassroots guerilla marketing to hiring a high-profile PR agent—one of which, Chris Hislop, will be in attendance. Joining him is Broadway Baby publisher Pete Shaw, Fringe Guru co-founder Richard Stamp, and Sweet Venues Artistic Director JD Henshaw, all of whom have made their mark on the history of the Fringe by bringing up shows from complete obscurity into the spotlight—among them, Captain Morgan and the Sons of Time, Thrill Me and What A Gay Play.

How to Market Your Show will take place on Wednesday, August 3rd at 8PM in C (+1) Adam House, Chamber Street.