Going To Space: Captain Of The Lost Waves - 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Meet The Captain! A vaudevillian space detective! Broadway Baby asks why.

The Captain is a striking composite of mystical, magic, mirth and mayhem, a storytelling musical gentleman.

Tell us about your show

I think the best way it can be described is that of a journey through cosmic skies and seas, The Captain, an intergalactic time detective is joining the dots via a wide array of fascinating characters...see show synopsis here - 'First Mates/Mutineers!' Come aboard & sail with The Captain as he opens up a music box of tales, unsolved mysteries and hidden gems. Where theatre/drama/intrigue collide, all that needs adding to the mix is you!

Why did you decide to take your show to Space UK this year?

As this is the first time I will be performing at the fringe, I felt it key to align with a company that was full of dynamism, pedigree and a seemingly intact enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Talking to Charles Pamment it struck me that there was a perfect marriage between head and heart, being fuelled by the artistic vision but ultimately pragmatic logical and a no nonsense approach to his and Space UK’s work.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?

Meeting and working with an array of colourful characters! Synchronizing with the unique festival atmosphere and rising to my own high expectations of the performances I will stage. Looking forward to catching other shows and the great thing about Edinburgh is that I know there will be many truly individual creations and to make some friends along the way!

Why Edinburgh? What’s the attraction?

The restless unbridled creative energy and the seemingly perfect setting for The Captain’s show in terms of correct framing. The Captain’s own slice of vaudeville.

What makes your show unique amongst the thousands of others at the festival?

The Captain is a striking composite of mystical, magic, mirth and mayhem, a storytelling musical gentleman. The show captures an essence that keeps the child engaged in the adult and the idea of being grown up and how much fun it must be in the mind of a child. Just like everybody, not a bit like anyone.

How did you create your show?

An experiment in magic. Wonder, humour and dark fantasy marinated in my mind. The Captain arrived like a perfectly wrapped gift – it’s as if the show was ready and waiting to unravel itself once I acknowledged him. He’s quite a friend to have!

What’s the main thing you want to get out of the festival this year?

A true connection between audience and performer where an explosive symbiosis comes to life. Creating performances, which go on to become memories of wistful magnitude. My main aim is that each audience member takes away the seed of something that resonates with them also. Alongside the artistic ambitions, it is to meet and share the journey with a plethora of the wild, weird and wonderful! (I’m counting on it!)

Production Company: Brigand Broadcasting Company

Venue: SpaceTriplex Studio

Dates: 25th to 29th August 2015

Times: 1pm – 2pm

Twitter Handle: @CaptainOTLW