Brighton Insider - Help! I think I Might Be Fabulous

A protégé of David Hoyle and Dickie Beau, Alfie Ordinary is about to dive in head first with his inaugural solo performance Help! I think I Might Be Fabulous. The son of a drag queen, Alfie is far from ordinary and he wants to tell you why. With the songs of Shirley Bassey, The Village People, Sugababes and many, many more audiences will soon discover why Alfie Ordinary is the one to watch on the UK drag and cabaret scene.

Alfie is far from ordinary and he wants to tell you why

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

My name is Alfie and I'm doing my first ever solo show at Brighton Fringe!!

What’s you show all about?

It's all about being fabulous and proud.

Is this a new show or have you performed it elsewhere?

It's brand new, my first ever solo show!

Are you a seasoned Fringe performer or is this a first time outing for you?

It's my first time, I'm nervous.

What brings you to Brighton? Why did you decide to enter this year’s Fringe?

I've been performing in cabaret for 3 years now and the time felt right to make a show about me and why I exist!

Where will you be performing? (Dates and times please too!)

Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous is at the Marlborough Theatre at 2pm 14 May and 6pm on 28 May.

If you had to sum up your show in one line what would it be?

FABULOUS, obviously. x