Barstar Of The Day: 9th Aug. Elliot Notman

On his first foray into the New Town this year, Richard visits Free Fringe Venue 259 otherwise known as the Hanover Tap. There he met hotman Notman, Elliot the engineer.

Name: Elliot Notman


Bar: Hanover Tap

Background: Born in Aberdeen but moved to Edinburgh to study mechanical engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. He’s an outdoor person and loves to ride his bicycle, go camping and do some climbing. He’s just come back from Loch Tay where he scaled seven of the Monroes. He also has a passion for travel and spent five weeks in Australia last year. He’s now committed himself to learning a new skill each month

Ambition: Career in prosthetics design (He’s just designed a finger for his uni course).

Favourite Drink: Yeastie Boys' Gunnamatta (Earl Grey infused IPA)