Barstar Of The Day: 7th Aug. Rhys Kay-Fortescue

Finding himself among late-night live music lovers again, Richard encountered another Scottish word and Rhys who went to the other side of the world and back again.

Favourite Drink: Kronenbourg or cheap brandy.

Name: Rhys Kay-Fortescue


Bar: Stramash!

Background: Born in Falkirk, but moved to London at the age of about three. At 16, his family moved to Melbourne, Australia where he studied business management and administration. He did a one-off episode in Neighbours after which he worked and travelled around Australia and Southeast Asia. Last March he decided to move back to the UK, initially to Camden then to Edinburgh where he says he’s living the dream.

Ambition: To be a music producer.

Favourite Drink: Kronenbourg or cheap brandy.