Barstar of the Day: 10th Aug. Karina Graham

No surprise that Richard was sent to another Stonegate pub next. Free Fringe Venue 101 is Finnegan’s Wake back in the Old Town. Barely old enough to get served in a pub, Karina works behind the bar when she’s not riding a horse.

Name:Karina Graham


Bar: Finnian’s Wake

Background: Born in Paisley but moved to Edinburgh to study geography at Heriot-Watt University. She is a member of the University’s equestrian team and performs mainly in show-jumping but can also be pressed into dressage. She likes to go on city breaks and highly recommends Kracow as a well-preserved, historic destination.

Ambition: To have a successful career in something that makes for a happy life.

Favourite Drink: Kraken Rum and Ginger Ale.