Write For Broadway Baby
  • By Pete Shaw
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  • 1st Jan 2004
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  • Edinburgh Fringe

Broadway Baby is one of the leading arts publications in the UK. Our coverage started in reviewing and we have since expanded into interview and feature coverage.

To write for Broadway Baby you need to have some practical experience in arts performance.

Our reviewers are first and foremost experienced in the subject matter. To write for Broadway Baby you need to have some practical experience in arts performance; be that actor, comedian, writer, director or dancer. For instance, to really understand whether a show at the Edinburgh Fringe is good, it helps if you've been through it yourself. Appreciating the peculiar challenges of a festival and the audience expectations means you're ideally qualified to comment on whether it's worth the ticket price. The second most important quality of a Broadway Baby is the ability to write interesting and insightful copy about a show you'll probably only see once. And then be able to do that three or four times a day.

How to apply

Our application process has now moved online. This means applications to review in any of our categories are open year-round (although there is a cut-off each year for press accreditation for festivals, but you can still apply for next year while the current one is still in progress). Once we've received your application, one of our editors will review it and if you're successful will give you access to Thistle so you can set your availability. You'll also get access to our Google Drive shared folders which contain our reviewing guides - assembled knowledge of our editors over the years to give you important 'house style' guidelines and lots of great tips on how to write a better review.

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