Will Naameh, Steve Hartil and Sean McCann Talk Improv at the Fringe

Improv is as big as it’s ever been at the Fringe, with well over a hundred shows for you to choose from. Chris Quilietti leads a panel discussion with improvisors from some of the festival’s most popular shows: Will Naameh (Spontaneous Sherlock/Men With Coconuts) Steve Hartil (Murder She Didn’t Write), and Sean McCann (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical/Rhapsodes). Topics include new trends in improv, rehearsing to improvise, the nature of the troupe, and the Edinburgh energy.

Will Naameh

Spontaneous Sherlock: http://broadwaybaby.com/shows/spontaneous-sherlock/719606

Men With Coconuts: http://broadwaybaby.com/shows/men-with-coconuts/721756

Steve Hartill

Murder She Didn’t Writehttp://broadwaybaby.com/shows/murder-she-didnt-write-the/719990  

Sean McCann

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical: http://broadwaybaby.com/shows/showstopper-the-improvised-musical/717977

Rhapsodes: http://broadwaybaby.com/shows/rhapsodes/719900

Photo: Murder She Didn’t Write