‘We just ran up and down the Royal Mile shouting at people’ - The IdeasTap Underbelly and Les Enfant Terribles Award Winners’ Panel

The Fringe can be a tough place for emerging talent, struggling to be heard over the crowd. Fighting this trend, the IdeasTap Underbelly Award supports four original productions each year with funding, mentoring, and support at Underbelly while the Les Enfants Terribles Award brings a brand-new production to the Pleasance with cash and mentoring from Oliver Lansley and James Seager of LET. James T Harding finds out more from this year’s winners, Ben Norris, Toby Peach, Giles Roberts of the MolinoGroup, Joel Samuels of Fine Mess Theatre, and Izzy Tennyson. Topics covered include the effect of winning an award on the life of a Fringe show as well as the individual shows.The IdeasTap Underbelly and Les Enfant Terribles Award Winners’ Panel by Broadway Baby Radio on Mixcloud

Ben Norris’s The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Family: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/the-hitchhikers-guide-to-the-family/708686

Toby Peach’s The Eulogy of Toby Peach: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/the-eulogy-of-toby-peach/707257

Giles Roberts’s Much Further Out Than You Thought: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/much-further-out-than-you-thought/705648

Joel Samuels’s Divas: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/divas/706696

and Islands: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/islands/705667

Izzy Tennyson’s Brute: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/brute/706999

Photo of Ben Norris by Paul McHale