UPDATE: Kian's Heroes
  • By Lauren
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  • 15th Mar 2016
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  • Edinburgh Fringe

Just 3 weeks ago comic Kai Humphries issued a rallying cry to the legion of followers who support Punch-Drunk Comedy – a South East Northumberland comedy club with a difference. He asked 100 people to step up and pledge to raise £1000 each to enable 3 year-old Kian Musgrove from Newcastle to travel to New York for lifesaving cancer treatment. As of today the merry band of fundraisers – mainly based in Blyth but with some members scattered much further afield - have collectively raised over £40,000 and have played their part in a storyline where Kian now has enough money to travel to the US and begin his treatment – something which looked unlikely just 2 short months ago when his fund sat at just half of the required £500k!

Kian’s fundraising - which had already been hugely successful, raising almost £250,000 in the 18 months since he was first diagnosed with the aggressive form of childhood cancer – gained momentum in early February when 800 people came together in Blyth, Northumberland for Fight for Kian; an evening of amateur boxing between 20 top comedians, hosted by Blyth-based Punch-Drunk Comedy, the baby of Kai Humphries and his brother Gav. With the involvement of a cross-section of the UK comedy industry including host Rhod Gilbert, the event developed into a carnival and raised another £30,000 towards the £500,000 total that Kian needed in order to begin treatment in New York.

Since this event a dramatic influx of donations including a second £40,000 from a supporter in Luxembourg and £25,000 from Simon Cowell has seen Kian’s initial £500,000 target reached, meaning that he will definitely be going to America for treatment!

He still needs people’s help, though – as any complications or unexpected hospital admissions (which could happen as a result of anything from a common cold) – will cost thousands of pounds more.

So this is why the 100 Heroes are not done yet!

Throughout this month they’re suffering through long-distance bike rides, head-shaves and even a sponsored aeroplane flight for one particular hero who has an extreme fear of flying – to raise their phenomenal combined target of £100,000.

Huge comedy fan Jen Hamilton even put herself through a spot on Red Raw at The Edinburgh Stand – with absolutely no experience - to raise money towards her pal Jojo Sutherland’s collection!

Punch-Drunk plans to celebrate the news that Kian will get his treatment and the incredible ongoing work of the 100 Heroes at their March gigs in Blyth, Bedlington & Ashington on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd - where none other than Gary Delaney, Jarred Christmas and Damien Clark will be providing the entertainment!

You’ll find all of the details about the events by searching ‘Punch-Drunk Comedy – Blyth’ on Facebook and you can reserve tickets for payment on the door, by calling or texting 07738663379.
If you’d like to make a contribution to Kian’s treatment fund, you can do that, right here – www.kapipal.com./caringforkian

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