Top Five Hecklers You Do Not Want To Be

Comic Russell Hicks has seen them all, and provides some advice for audience members tempted to join in with the show how not to be 'that guy'.

1. The Meanie.

Here’s what you need to understand about comedians: we are not stable. Each and every one of us has a Santa’s sack full of issues ready to come spilling out at any moment. So if you dare to launch verbal barbs our way, prepare to have the image of our worst childhood bully superimposed upon your face as we resolve some serious issues on your ass. In the words of Daniel Day Lewis: There Will Be Blood.


2. The Funny Guy In The Office.

“Hey, I don’t have the guts to try stand up so I’ll just get a few laughs by heckling at the right moment to prove I could do it if I ever wanted to so that I never have to do it for real.”

Poor office schlub. You will be spanked so thoroughly in front of all your co workers that never will a Monday pass where you are not reminded of it. So, until you do try stand up, do the exact opposite: sit down and shut up.

Or this could be you:

3. The Spoiled Brat.

A particular show not your cup of tea? Feel free to walk out quietly. What you should not do, is sulk, pout, whine, or throw a fit. I know, I know, you are young, and used to getting everything you want. But, it’s like the Rolling Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you don’t stop rolling your eyes and crossing your arms, and talking loudly to your friend about how much this show sucks, I’m going to shove this microphone up your ass”.

Basically, don’t be this girl:

4. The Random Question.

Look, just fair warning, unless a comedian announces that it is time for the Q & A, maybe hold off on the random shouting of inquiries. I’m just saying, it can lead to getting a much different answer than you were expecting.


5. The Demand.

I don’t see a leg of lamb in your hand. You aren’t sitting on a throne. Nor am I wearing multicoloured pyjamas with little bells on my head and feet. So lets not make with the King to Jester like demands that we perform exactly the kind of comedy that only you like, while I am currently doing a show, OK?

Exhibit A:

All that being said, most of us (I know I do) actually love when the audience participates. Chances are ninety-nine percent of you are extremely cool, open minded, Edinburgh Festival going people, so you will know exactly when to chime in. And when you do, both audience and performer can take it somewhere beyond a comedy show - it’s magic and we love it.


Russell Hicks: Deadliner

4:30pm, 4-28th Aug 2016 
Maggie’s Chamber, Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, Venue 272