Three Minute Interview: Present & Correct

University sketch troupes have been the testing ground of well-known and well-loved comedians for years now. Present & Correct follow in their footsteps with their eclectic and irreverent sketch show. Louise Jones sat down with the team to find out how they tick.

Ranging from Inside No. 9, with its longer form and darker comedic framework being offset by a very grounded dialogue.

Please could you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the show.

We’re Present & Correct, the University of York’s sketch troupe showcasing the very best up-and-coming writing talent that the university has to offer. Have you ever wondered how to tell a dear friend that they smell? What happens if you listen to Bob Dylan? And what does life have to offer after 21?

Who are your sketch inspirations?

There are a really wide range of stylistic influences from both the writers and the performers. Ranging from Inside No. 9, with its longer form and darker comedic framework being offset by a very grounded dialogue forming character relationships, all the way to quintessential British Comedy like Fry and Laurie.

How do you write the show? Do some of your sketch ideas come from rehearsing?

We have writers’ workshops where people from across the society can bring their sketches to be refined and then put in a script. As a society we have a number of sketch shows throughout the year and this is a selection of the best sketches from this year.

Often with such a large range of performance and writing styles, each with their own strengths, a key aspect to crafting the show after it's been written is sequencing; allowing for the breadth and variety the show covers whilst making sure none of the stylistic changes feel abrupt for an audience.

The Great Yorkshire Fringe is in its fourth year now. What's your best joke to make a four-year-old laugh?

We pull a lot of silly faces and there is many a funny voice so a four-year-old would probably find that amusing.

Describe the show in three words

Funny, dynamic and topical.

Where and when are you performing at GYF?

You can catch us at the Teapot on Saturday the 28th of July at 8:45pm. Tickets on sale now!

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