Three Minute Interview: Dandy Darkly

New York City's "rapid-fire raconteur of sex and death" returns to Edinburgh with a brand new show, where it’s fair to say he’s decidedly Trigger Happy!

I sashay down the Royal Mile and people wave from buses and cafe tables. Little old ladies laugh and children rush up to pose with me for photos.

“My focus this time around is... America! This summer’s selection of tawdry tales of sex and death focus on triggering, gun violence, PTSD and safe spaces – especially how in America (and abroad) LGBTQ spaces are becoming fewer and farther in-between as gentrification gobbles up our gayborhoods.

Dandy Darkly's Trigger Happy! examines American fear. How America copes with what feels like a relentless bombardment of tragedy. I’m a storyteller and a satirist. My frilly gloves are decidedly off. I love America, but I’m taking my country to task for much of our shared misery.

“I do this via allegorical tall tales set to music. I still deliver them with the same gleefully ghoulish wit that audiences love, but this time around I think the show has a bit darker tone. It’s storytelling. It’s comedy. It’s cabaret. It’s horror! It’s really unlike anything else. Oh, also, anyone who saw my prior work Dandy Darkly's Pussy Panic! will absolutely love the return of a character from that show. No spoilers!”

Are audiences significantly different in Edinburgh from those in NYC or elsewhere in the US?

“Now that I’ve toured a bit of the Fringe circuit, I can verify that Edinburgh audiences are some of the best I've performed for. The globe comes to Scotland’s doorstep every summer, and the enthusiasm and warmth with which we are welcomed is really fantastic. Not to say you’re an easy audience, I’ve had to work very hard in Edinburgh –particularly with my often off-putting brand of very weird, very transgressive storytelling – but it’s why I’m back for a third year – the people. I’m so thrilled to return to CC Blooms as part of the PBH Free Fringe!”

What is it you love about the Edinburgh Fringe?

“As a ghoulish girlish costumed storyteller abroad, I can say without a doubt that Edinburgh is the most accepting and welcoming city I’ve ever had the delight to perform in. I sashay down the Royal Mile and people wave from buses and cafe tables. Little old ladies laugh and children rush up to pose with me for photos. Blokes have a laugh as I flirt with their sweethearts. Sometimes venturing out in costume can be a hassle – but Edinburgh is truly a magical city. It is why I love returning to the Fringe – and why I hold Edinburgh so dear in my heart. I can't wait.”

So, why should anyone come to see your show?

“You should see Dandy Darkly's Trigger Happy! if you enjoy storytelling that’s both horrific and hysteric. My rapid fire tales aren’t for the faint of heart, but ultimately there’s so much humanity and joy at their creepy core. I’m very excited to debut another new show at the greatest arts festival in the world.”

Edinburgh Show:

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