The Poets are Coming: Sara Hirsch

What do people need to know about you?

The Fringe is where I am most at home!

I am a performance poet partial to puns and among other things enjoy long walks, whiskey and burning the candle at both ends. In other words, the Fringe is where I am most at home!

What are you up to this Fringe?

This Fringe I am performing my debut solo show How Was It For You? Daily at Clerk’s Bar at 3.30pm which is one of the coolest sentences I have ever been lucky enough to say. The show is a fusion of theatre and spoken word and mainly asks the question “what an earth is flirting” but in a long winded kind of way. It is funny and poetic and has been a real labour of love and lust, so do come see it! BUT, if that wasn’t enough I will also be performing in one of the best spoken-word shows at the Fringe, LOUD POETS which is proper fist pumping poetry at the Story telling centre throughout the festival AND, if I haven’t collapsed will be gigging most days as well.

In answer to the question what am I up to this Fringe, I think the best answer is; ensuring that come September I have literally no energy, voice or money left but a load of amazing memories and some kind of record for amount of poems spoken out loud in August. It is going to be a busy month to say the least, but bring it on!

What else are you going to see?

I will be mainly seeing all of the fantastic spoken word shows on the Free Fringe this year as there is an amazing amount of talent to be taken in. Can’t name them all but Sophia Walker is a definite. Also the Anti-Slam. Just….be there, trust me.

What is your favourite word?