The Poets are Coming: Harry Baker

What do people need to know about you?

If Lee Nelson is doing anything I’ll run on stage and disrupt it as revenge for Kanye

I am the youngest ever World Poetry Slam Champion. I have had my work shared on and viewed over a million times. The last time I came to the Fringe Radio 1 described me as “The greatest performer on earth.” I’m excited to be back.

What are you up to this Fringe?

This year I am doing a full run of shows entitled Harry Baker - The Sunshine Kid. The title is based on my first collection of poems that was published in December and has since been shipped and sold in over 30 countries around the world. I will be sharing poems and telling stories about how I got into poetry and ended up winning the World Cup of Poetry Slam, as well as living in Germany and writing bilingual tongue twisters about falafels, and maybe even a dessert-based homage to Ed Sheeran. It’s basically me doing all of my favourite pieces for 50 minutes, my previous two shows both received 5 star reviews (Including one from the lovely Broadway Baby! and this contains the best bits of both with some new pieces added in, so I’m really looking forward to being back at the Fringe after a 2 year break.

What else are you going to see?

I will be checking out the rest of the spoken-word programme, especially Loud Poets. I’d love to see Rhys James and Tim Key, and maybe if Lee Nelson is doing anything I’ll run on stage and disrupt it as revenge for Kanye. I’m mainly excited about discovering new things!

What is your favourite word?