The Poets are Coming: Colin McGuire

What do people need to know about you?

A rant on pornography, addiction, sexuality and abuse of power

McGuire is a young Scottish poet, sometimes described as a performance poet, who is pushing the boundaries of what poetry has to say with hilarious and uncompromising material about masculinity and pornography. Powerful performance, intense and thoughtful spoken-word poet.

What are you up to this Fringe?

Can't get to sleep? Can't wake up and get out of bed? What do you do at night when everyone is asleep? What horrible secrets are we asleep in our lives? What lies dormant in the closet, in your history, in the back of your private life?

McGuire attempts to answer these questions through The Wake Up Call, a high-energy spoken-word mess which addresses the insomniac qualities of a world that can't seem to find any lasting peace. A show in praise of sleep, in praise of bed, quickly building to a rant on pornography, addiction, sexuality and abuse of power, encompassing forms of political and institutional sleep, that we are aware of but seemingly too fast asleep to doing anything about. A mighty rant on the complex palaver of our lives, accompanied by visual imagery and sound. McGuire's first show put on with the help of PBH's Free Fringe!

What else are you going to see?

I will be going to see lots of Spoken Word at the PBH's free fringe. Spoken word and poetry. And a whole lot more: comedy, burlesque, queer themed.

What is your favourite word?