The Poets are Coming: Ali Maloney

What do people need to know about you?

This is spoken weird; stand-up horror

I don’t make spoken word that could be considered normal or safe. You are just as likely to find me speaking in tongues or contorting in fat suits or spitting double time hip-hop as you are to find me reading poems or telling stories. This is spoken weird; stand-up horror.

What are you up to this Fringe?

As part of SHIFT/, I am performing HYDRONOMICON, my Lovecraftian rap bouffon apocalypse. It’s a high octane mix of physical theatre, hip-hop, performance art and storytelling that explores a modern day flood myth, complete with tentacley aftermath and questions over whether or not humanity would deserve such a washing away.

I did a previous version of HYDRONOMICON in PBH’s Free Fringe 2011 about which EdFringeReview said “the intensity was astonishing…the performance immaculate” and The Scotsman called it “brilliantly lyrical” and said that it “impacts its nightmarish vision on the very core of your imagination”. If that previous version was the theatrical release, this version, for 3 nights only at Summerhall, is the definitive Director’s Cut: tighter, more epic in scope and devastatingly precise in its intent.

Featuring original music and sound design from Asthmatic Astronaut (with whom I collaborate in CHURCH OF WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN), HYDRONOMICON straddles spoken word and theatre, text cut-ups and cinematic narrative propulsion.

You will get wet.

What else are you going to see?

BARK at Woodland Creatures always have a great program, I’m excited to see what they have on. And despite all my championing of experimental ritual blood’n’spit punk performance, I am more than a little eager to take my 2-year old to see Julia Donaldson.

What is your favourite word?


Photo: Fiona McKinlay