The Miles Allen Three Minute Interview

Miles Allen is the star of One Man Breaking Bad, a solo show which ambitiously retells all of Breaking Bad in sixty minutes - that's just under one minute per episode. Fresh from the Melbourne Comedy Festival, One Man Breaking Bad plays the Fringe in various venues throughout August. Features Editor James T Harding checks in to learn more about how such an ambitious show is put together.

My voice is put through the wringer!

Why Breaking Bad?

Why? Because I truly believe that is one of the greatest works of art ever in visual media, TV or Film, and that it’s captivating story has resonated to viewers all around the globe. And when it comes to Breaking Bad fanatics, I am second to none, so it just seemed natural to create sort of a love letter to the show and the fans who endured with blood, meth, and tears!

Who is your favourite character to imitate, and why?

Without question, Jesse Pinkman. He is not only one of the most interesting characters in regards to tone and mannerisms, but he is also a very multidimensional character as well.

How do you go about putting together your impressions?

Some voices come naturally to me, others I need to practice a bit before I’m happy with them, and I always test them on friends and family to see if their up to par.

What is the hardest thing about doing the show, and how do you overcome that challenge?

My voice. Doing over 40 characters in an hour, all with varying ranges, my voice is put through the wringer! So I do a lot of vocal warm-ups, drink a lot of tea with lemon and honey, and try to shut up when I’m not performing…which is definitely the most difficult for me!

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