The Les Enfants Terribles Extended Interview

Oliver Lansley (artistic director) and James Seager (associate producer) are the masterminds behind Les Enfants Terribles, a theatre company now in its thirteenth year at the Fringe. This year they're bringing Dr Longitude's Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie and Ernest and the Pale Moon to the Pleasance, as well as running the Les Enfants Terribles Award to encourage new theatre companies.

There is nothing as all-consuming as Edinburgh, that has so many people and such a life of its own. I think that should be absolutely celebrated. Our theatre community is the envy of the world.

Features Editor James T Harding met Ollie and James for coffee to ask them about the company's working style, how their work has been recieved differently all around the world, and how best to pronounce their name. They also talk about how the Fringe has changed over the last decade, and how they'd like to see it change in the future.

Photo Credit: Karen Scott Photography

Twitter: @LesEnfantsTerr