The Alexis Rosinsky Three Minute Interview

Alexis Rosinsky is the star of one-person Shakespeare show Where is She Now? She is also eleven years old. Alexander Woolley caught up with her to find out what it’s like to be a child performer at the Fringe.

Well, I am very small and it was hard for people to notice me handing out fliers!

Tell us about the show

My show consists of different monologues and a sonnet which I feel very strongly about. They are from some less-known plays and well-known ones, and I wanted to bring these characters together a way that allowed me to discuss their similarities and differences. The most rarely seen is probably Constance from King John or Joan La Pucelle from Henry vi part i.

What are the logistical challenges in being a child performer at the Fringe?

Well, I am very small and it was hard for people to notice me handing out fliers! My parents and little sister wanted to help but I wanted to do it myself. I decided to stand on one of the cement blocks on the Royal Mile, and freeze in positions holding out fliers. People seemed to like that and took more fliers! The main problem with being a kid was that people didn't take my show seriously or thought it was children's theatre and they stayed away. But the people who did come really seemed to enjoy it and I am very grateful to them.

How do Fringe staff and other performers react when they realise you are a child?

They sort of stare! I guess they are very surprised. Some really like it and are very supportive. Others wouldn’t even give me the time of day. But some other actors came and that really made me feel good.

You change costumes after doing one monologue and while introducing the next. How long did it take to work out how to make your costume changes smooth?

Well, they weren't always smooth! Sometimes they were inside out and my hair clip got stuck and I couldn't get it out! But the costumes generally flow beautifully. They were designed and made by my aunt who is an amazing seamstress! The costumes allow me to get a little closer to the character and I like changing while I am discussing the characters. As I am changing it is a though I am crossing from one side of the road to the other and becoming a new person each time.

Twitter: @myshakespearean