SpaceDating: Two Kittens & A Kid (A Gay Man Raising His Inner Diva)

He prefers getting up early, likes music and isn't adverse to a man in a kilt. We take Canuck Christopher Wilson on a first date (and we quite liked it).

Tell us about yourself….

Hey there, Edinburgh - it's a pleasure to meet you! My name's Christopher and I am a 42 year old, tall, athletic, personable, sincere, artistic (though occasionally autistic-acting), GAY Gent from Toronto, Canada who eats back bacon, loves maple syrup, and has a pet Moose. Well, not really – actually, it's more like a pet Beaver. As a Canadian, I truly admire and appreciate stocky, rugby-built Scottish men who's aren't afraid to wear their kilt regimental-style (after all, it makes a kilt all the easier access). I also appreciate long walks on the Royal Mile, a dance or two at a night club, and an evening full of adventure!

Do you come here often?

I come here as often as I can – especially when the company is so damn entertaining, the fellas are rugged, and the booze is abundantly flowing! Truthfully, I'm returning to Scotland for the first time in 20 years, having been an international opera student at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. Oh, and I really enjoy when my Canadian heritage is the perfect conversation segue to discuss the number of Scots who have family living on my side of the pond... most of them in, or just outside of Toronto!

Early to rise or late to bed?

Definitely early to rise - I'm a morning fella (interpret as you may)! Love to get a hold of the day and get 'er done. Mind you, I'm certainly not adverse to a fun night on the town. Just have to be mindful of keeping the vocal chords in check, and making sure I get enough beauty rest to put my best face forward and onto the stage.

Do you have an attraction to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh reminds me a great deal of our Canadian capitol, Ottawa – except you have a castle! And by Canadian standards, a castle is pretty damn cool – especially when it's just a few minutes walk from my theatre venue at theSpace on the Mile! Oh, and I find Edinburgh to be extremely romantic – especially by moonlight. History, theatre and ambiance all rolled up into one amazing month!

What’s your passion?

Men! No... I meant to write – Music! Ok, what about musical men? Or men in musicals... like me. In all seriousness, my passion is all things theatrical and musical – be it musical theatre or opera. But I'm always up for meeting fabulous men in both musical and theatrical settings!

Are you monogamous to EdFringe, or do you date other festivals?

I do believe in the values of monogamy, but I must confess that I am currently moonlighting here in Canada with the Toronto Fringe Festival. Prior to my arrival for #EdFringe2016, I will be acting as the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival. I have also submitted Two Kittens & A Kid (A Gay Man Raising His Inner Diva) for consideration to the 2017 Next Stage Theatre Festival here in Toronto - so fingers crossed for its Canadian debut following Edinburgh!

Two Kittens & A Kid (A Gay Man Raising His Inner Diva)

theSpace on the Mile - Space 2 (Venue 39)

5 - 20 August (not 7, 14)


Twitter: @2kittensandakid