SpaceDating: The Monologues of a Tired Nurse

Tell us about yourself….

We are definitely late to bed kinda girls, work hard play hard.

We are deep thinkers

Grey matter users

We like to think we’ve got something you’ve not seen before

It’ll sweep you right off the floor (seat)

It’ll make you think, Jesus, God

Blaspheme and swear and make your mind agog

We are called Theatre4thought

Making plays about the world today

Highlighting issues that just won’t go away.

So this play is about the NHS

Asking why are you cutting us, please god damn let it rest

So join us in the story of 2 nurses

That shows how cuts really do run deep.

Do you come here often?

This is our first time to the Fringe but don’t be gentle, we are tough, resilient and like to get our hands and feet dirty, just like the characters in our debut play.

Who do you most want to meet at the festival?

Anyone and everyone so don’t be coy, we are not the shy reserved types. We want to shake you hand say hi, so please please do, DO come by.

Early to rise or late to bed?

We are definitely late to bed kinda girls, work hard play hard.

What’s your passion?

Our passion is theatre! New writing with current messages. Messages about life as we are living it, we like to poke around on issues to get people to think about the world today. Cue emoji’s of faces scratching their chins.

Are you monogamous to EdFringe, or do you date other festivals?

Our show has 2 London previews at Theatre N16 in Balham on 3/4th August and 1 day preview at RawFest in Wales. We have possible avenues after Edinburgh but at current we are excited to see how Edinburgh takes us.

Show name: The Monologues of a Tired Nurse

Production company: Theatre4thought

Venue: The Space UK, Surgeons Hall

Dates & Times: August 22nd-27th @ 20:05

Twitter Handle: @steffieegg12

Facebook Page: