SpaceDating: The Enchanted

Broadway Baby gets the chance to talk to The Enchanted, a show that asks the question "Are monsters born or are they created?"

The relationship between performers on stage and their audience is quite unique

Tell us about yourself... 

Well, there are 8 of us in the show – we all come from different backgrounds and places bringing specific talent and expertise. However, there is a strong Dorset core where we will be living and working together throughout July. So by the end of August, I think we’ll all know each other rather too well.

Do you come here often?

First time for us. As we’re virgin Edfringers I think our feelings of excitement coupled with a hint of nervousness are a normal reaction. But really, we can’t wait; the anticipation is agony though.

Who do you most want to meet at the festival? 

As many people as possible! It’s hard to imagine that so many people of extraordinary talent and creativity are all in the same place. We are very much looking forward to seeing other shows and being inspired by their work.

What’s your passion? 

Theatre. We do passionately believe in the power of theatre. The relationship between performers on stage and their audience is quite unique: the capacity to engage, challenge old assumptions, and draw your audience into the narrative is incomparable. Our aim is to present absorbing, poignant theatre which raises important questions about our humanity and what makes us who we are. And, more significantly, what makes us do what we do....

What’s better, physical theatre or stand up comedy? 

Physical theatre of course! But we have a lot of respect for acerbic stand up and hope to get to see some. The Enchanted is a movement- based piece; we aim to create meaning through our physicality as well as through language. We have adapted Rene Denfeld’s novel into a 60 minute show and despite the subject –matter (men on death row, and the relentless cycle of violence upon violence), it really is surprisingly beautiful and uplifting.

Are you monogamous to EdFringe, or do you date other festivals? 

Of course we are monogamous to Edfringe! We haven’t the time to be making hot dates with other festivals; we’re reserving all our energy for you.

Show name: The Enchanted

Production company: Pharmacy

Venue: The Space (Niddry Street)

Dates & Times: 5-27th (Not Sundays) 15.45

Twitter Handle: The Enchanted @pharmacytheatre

Facebook Page: