SpaceDating: Sins Borne

We chat to John and Lance of Sins Borne, a show tackling race, grief and redemption all the way from the States.

We couldn’t be more excited and daunted by the possibilities.

Tell us about yourself….

We are a company of Americans, two actors, one playwright. We previously worked together in California near San Francisco. Actor Lance Fuller trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2011-12 and has now been based in the UK for nearly five years. During a visit by the other actor, John Baldwin, they devised a plan to loop in the playwright Paul Braverman, develop a play, and put it on at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. It’s happening! John Baldwin is a retired non-profit fundraiser, John is now a working actor in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing mostly onstage, but doing film and commercial work as well. Paul Braverman is a playwright with several plays under his belt. Sins Borne is entirely new and developed with John and Lance.

Do you come here often?

Lance: Yes! I live here and love the vibe so much I’m glad to bring others along to this event i'm in love with. While I’ve attended the festival before this is the first time for all of us bringing a show. This is John's second time at the Fringe and the first time doing a show. This is Paul’s first time participating in the fringe. We couldn’t be more excited and daunted by the possibilities.

Who do you most want to meet at the festival?

John: l look forward to meeting and talking with other performers in order to talk about our shared experiences, and I also hope to have the opportunity to talk with our audience members in order to discuss the play's themes and to get honest feedback.

Lance: Collaborators. I want to meet people with which to create and share stories, images, wonder with the world. I also want to meet industry representatives and show them my work and skills. Echoing John I look forward to carrying on the discussion of America’s race issues. The USA is such a focal point for the world and the way it handles issues pertinent to all is important and critically scrutinised.

Early to rise or late to bed?

Both. Especially during the festival. Have to get the most out of this experience!

What’s your favourite Edinburgh bar or restaurant?

John: Love both the food and drink menus at Blackfriars Restaurant and Bar on Blackfriars Street.

Do you have an attraction to Edinburgh?

John: Through his grandmother on the Lindsay side, John is a direct descendant of James VI of Scotland "When in Scotland, especially in Edinburgh, I feel like I've come home."

Can we get a second date?

It would definitely be our pleasure to have a second date, and more if the chemistry is great!

Show name: Sins Borne

Production company: JPL Productions

Venue: TheSpace @ Jury’s V260

Dates & Times: August 5 - 27 19:35 (approx 50 mins) Monday - Saturday.

Twitter Handle: @sinsborne