SpaceDating: Pale Imitations

Broadway Baby chats to Keshia Watson, the writer of Pale Imitations - a poetic, romantic, stylish show coming to EdFringe '16.

we are passionate in telling stories about characters who are “real” but might not be represented well onstage.

Tell us about yourself….

I have always loved and appreciated the sound of jazz and this play has been written to feature not only the music, but the art and fashion that goes along with it. We need more stories about love and modern relationships onstage! I have a little theory that the type of books that were laying around the house when I was a teenager played a little part in framing and more than likely exasperating my idea of romance and drama. The company have come together to create something pretty special.

Do you come here often?

I’m new and only in town for two weeks... but I’ve heard summer romances are a thing around here…

Who do you most want to meet at the festival?

Cool hip things who love contemporary art, music and drama. Hopefully some life long friends, obviously friendly people who want to see our show.

Early to rise or late to bed?

The earlier you get up, the easier it is to justify an afternoon nap. No seriously, late to bed all the way. Preferably after a few cocktails..

What’s your passion?

This feels a bit like the question for Miss World competitors, the right thing to say here is always “world peace” and of course we’re going to answer it. There’s passion in producing good work whilst articulating all the cool things that people are and do. For example, we are passionate in telling stories about characters who are “real” but might not be represented well onstage. We’re passionate about people who have lived extraordinary lives or made choices that surprised or shocked. The list goes on…!

Are you monogamous to EdFringe, or do you date other festivals?

Completely monogamous, this is our debut, world premiere - I guess there is no other place that we’d want to launch. However after September, who knows? 

Show name: Pale Imitations

Production company: A.M.L.D Theatre Company

Venue: Space Triplex Studio V38

Dates & Times: 15th -27th August Not Sunday 21st at 7.10pm

Twitter Handle: @PaleImitations