SpaceDating: Killer Cells

Today we have a little chat with Rachel Pedley-Miller, writer and performer for Killer Cells, about #optimism and hope for the future.

This is my first Edfringe. I feel like a teenager again fulfilling a rite of passage!

Tell us about yourself….

Hi I am Rachel (stage name Pedley married name Miller – got bored of explaining that so Rachel Pedley-Miller it is (which makes me sound Posh!) I’m bringing Killer Cells to the Fringe. A story of #optimism and #resilience, my own story of experiencing recurrent miscarriages and the hope I feel about future pregnancies.

Do you come here often?

This is my first Edfringe. I feel like a teenager again fulfilling a rite of passage! Coming to the Fringe is something I’ve always wanted to do, something that all the actors want. I’m excited to not only be acting but bringing my own writing.

Who do you most want to meet at the festival?

I would love to take my show on tour, I’d love to spread the #optimism and #resilience with everyone who has had a miscarriage, the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents and the friends. I’d love to meet anyone who can make this possible, any programmers nationally, internationally. Miscarriage is a hot topic thanks to the charity Tommy’s and their campaign #misCourage I’ll stick around after any show to chat with anyone who’d like to talk about their experience. I’m really excited to meet The SANDS, Lothian’s charity group and chatting about others experiences. Lots of conversations to be had.

What’s your passion?

I am passionate about collaboration; sharing ideas, stories, leaflets ;-). Avant are co-producing with 3 Crate productions because we are passionate and believe that everyone is always better when we work as a team, smash hierarchies and build each other up so that we can grow together. Don’t compete, collaborate and all succeed.

Are you monogamous to EdFringe, or do you date other festivals?

Avant run a local festival that will travel around the Rhondda Valleys. We are starting this year in the town of Tonyrefail where we are performing a show called Over By ‘ere, we are also taking this show to the Cardiff Fringe 22nd and 23rd of June. We love festivals.

Can we get a second date?

We’re headed back to Wales to perform Killer Cells at the Park and Dare theatre in Treorchy, The Rhondda Valleys, where we would love for you to join us for a second date. 

Show name: Killer Cells

Production company: Avant

Venue: 53 theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall

Dates & Times: 15th to the 20th of Aug 3.05pm (50 mins running time)

Twitter Handle: @killer_cells @AvantCymru

Facebook Page: