SpaceDating: Bull

We're chatting to the cast of Bull, coming to EdFringe '16. Nobody likes a sore loser...

If you don't believe us, come see it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Promise.

Tell us about yourself….

Thomas: Well, there's not a huge amount to tell, I mean - where do you want me to start? I guess I've always considered myself -

Isobel: They aren't asking about you Thomas. They want to know about the play.

Tony: Yeah, Jesus, you thought we were all here for an interview about you?

Thomas: I...well, I just -

Isobel: Sorry to disappoint you Thomas, but no. This isn't your fifteen minutes of fame.

The play, it's fantastic.

Tony: If you don't believe us, come see it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Promise.

Do you come here often?

Tony: Well, Isobel and I have been round here a few times, haven't we Iz?

Isobel: I can't remember.

Thomas: No, no they haven't. They've - we've never been here before.

Early to rise or late to bed?

Tony: Both. That's me all over. And Isobel I suppose. Thomas is more...

Isobel: Sedentary.

Tony: Yeah. Sedentary.

What’s your passion?

Tony: Winning. It just gets better and better with practice...

Isobel: What's your passion Thomas? What makes you 'tick'?

Thomas: I don't have to answer that. What makes anyone bloody 'tick'?! I guess my passion would be my work.

Isobel: God, you animal.

What’s better. Physical theatre or stand up comedy?

Thomas: Stand up I'd say.

Tony: Stand up he'd say. I'm more of the physical type.

Can we get a second date?

Thomas: Don't look at me. Isobel?

Isobel: I don't think pimping me out is going to sell our show Thomas.

Tony: No, unfortunately I'm afraid you're not exactly my type.

Show name: Bull

Production company: The Rude Mechanicals

Venue: SpaceTriplex Studio

Dates & Times: 23rd - 27th August, 2:40 - 3:30pm

Twitter Handle: @bullfringe2016

Facebook Page: