SpaceDating: Angel to Vampire!

Broadway Baby chats to Nigel Osner who is bringing a variety of songs and stories in Angel to Vampire!

My passion is my character performances of my own stories and lyrics.

Do you come here often?

I’ve never performed in the Fringe before, but I have come to see it several times, including last year, when I wanted to check out the Fringe as it now is. I’ve also visited Edinburgh for work and to visit relatives

Early to rise or late to bed?

As I get older I am getting up later and going to bed later. When I left the world of regular work in 2008 I still got up really early and, if I went to the gym, would be there by 8. Two years ago on a dark and freezing winter morning, I asked myself why I was continuing to do this? If I see my trainer it is now two hours later than it used to be. I feel this is a mature and sensible approach to daily existence.

Do you have an attraction to Edinburgh?

I do love Edinburgh. I like the rambling and sometimes mysterious nature of the old town, I admire the design of the new town and I enjoy meeting the inhabitants. Also, unlike many, I have always been fairly lucky with the weather. So fingers crossed for the weather this August.

What’s your passion?

My passion is my character performances of my own stories and lyrics. Or may be it’s more an addiction, as I don’t always love it, it doesn’t always deliver, but I can’t do without it. In the past I have said to myself I can leave the performing side and just stick to writing, but that isn’t true.

Show name: Angel to vampire!

Production company: Scarlet Cherub

Venue: Space Triplex (Venue 38)

Dates & Times: 5,6, 8-13 August at 21.15. 15-20. 22-27 August at 18.05

Twitter Handle: @AngelToVampire

Facebook Page: