Road to the Fringe - Lamb Comedy

For this year’s Brighton Fringe, Broadway Baby Editor Beth Troakes has been on the hunt to for the insider information as our performers, venue mangers, programmers, press teams and technicians prepare for the start of what’s looking to be our best ever yet Brighton Fringe.

Embrace it. Go to see as much as possible.

We’ve asked a series of quick fire questions to give you a bite sized chunk of just what it means to be a part of this fantastic, fast-paced May Festival.

First up we have our quick fire questions to those working behind the scenes…

Hello! Who are you and what will you be doing this Fringe?

Hi! We are Amy and Lulu, and together we are Lamb Comedy… we are taking over the upstairs of Craft Beer Co, and the downstairs of Nowhere Man café and transforming them into comedy clubs for the next month. We have 20 different shows across the Fringe, on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, showcasing over 50 very funny up-and-coming comics!

How many Brighton Fringe Festivals do you have under your belt?

This is the second year for Lamb and we’ve already doubled up our venue size! However, Amy has a couple more under her belt as a former Fringe box office supervisor at the lovely Spiegeltent.

Which shows should we be looking out for at your venue?

We are excited to have some BBC New Comedy Award finalists with their debut shows this year – Tom Ward and Athena Kugblenu – alongside last year’s winner of the award, Lost Voice Guy, returning to us with his sell-out Edinburgh show.

We also produce a few compilation shows, which are perfect for people who don’t like to commit! Lamb Chops features comedians performing ‘cutlets’ of their full shows in the Fringe, Lambs to the S-Laughter is a showcase for new comics who we think are on the rise, and we have a new show this year called Lambs in Sheep’s Clothing which will be a character comedy night.

Do you have any advice for first time Fringe performers?

Come with us! We offer a full package to all of our performers for which we do everything for them, so all they need do is concentrate on writing the best show possible!

If it’s too late for that, don’t worry and just enjoy it. The Brighton audience has to be the nicest in the country. If you’re doing a comedy show, literally the worst that will happen is you’ll get a few smiles and polite applause at the end. If they start laughing, you’re winning!

Do you have any advice for first time Fringe audiences?

Embrace it. Go to see as much as possible. Invest in a compilation show (like Lamb Chops!) to help you decide if there are any full shows you’d like to see. And head up New Road (Fringe City) on the weekend to see us handing out flyers dressed as sheep!

What is your most memorable moment from past Fringe Festivals? Good or bad, you decide!

Having to chase a 5 year old down the road, in full sheep costume, after they’d decided they’d like to keep our giant cuddly lamb!

If you had to describe Brighton Fringe in one word, what would it be?