On the Mic Podcast: Geoff Norcott 'Twenty Six One Star Reviews for Auschwitz'

Despite being a trade unionist’s son who grew up on a council estate, Geoff Norcott leans firmly to the right. He talks to Martin Walker about being a Tory voting Brexit supporter and shares what he really thinks about Donald Trump.

Features Geoff's stand up. Geoff is touring his latest show, 'Geoff Norcott: Conswervative' in 2017.


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Geoff Norcott: Conswervative

Geoff Norcott: Conswervative

Geoff Norcott, as he points out quite early on in his set, has not been seen on television. On the face of it, this is a real shame; he's photogenic enough, and has the kind of sharp-witted jokes that would go down well on screen...