Into The Woods makes the big screen

Broadway Baby doesn't often discuss movies, but when the film in question is one of the most hotly anticipated stage musical adaptations of all time (and when the good folk at Disney provide a ticket to an early screening), it's worth a few paragraphs.

Into The Woods is very satisfying

One of the reasons Sondheim fans have been eager to see what the Disneyfication of Woods has done are the widely reported changes that have been made. Cue much teeth gnashing at the thought of tinkering with such a much-loved story. Well, as one who is pretty familiar with the stage version, I can report that the changes - for the most part - do make sense. Yes, there's some changes to lyrics to make it a little less dark which could be seen as the Mouse shying away from Sondheim's edgy material, but the other plot changes don't mean you're watching a totally different show.

The score is beautifully rich, as you'd expect, and there's even a nod to A Little Night Music in one of the Prince's Festival scenes. Vocally, Daniel Huttlestone, who turned in an impressive performance in Tom Hooper's film adaptation of Les Misérables, does a very admirable job with Jack and the Streep, Blunt and Pine trio are strong enough to stop this becoming a Mamma Mia mess.

Overall Into The Woods is very satisfying. The story is strong and well delivered; the music is powerful and unashamedly Sondeim.