Interview: Mostly David Ephgrave

As Brighton Fringe gears up for 2016, Broadway Baby offers an insight into the shows, the people and the world that is Brighton Fringe. We’ve been speaking to participants from around the Fringe and asked them to give us an insight into their shows.

The special effect I pull out of the bag during a bit about Clinton Cards is pretty astounding.

Name David Ephgrave 

Show Mostly David Ephgrave

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m an actor, musician and a comedian, but primarily a pauper; my career choices hurtle naturally to that end result. I’m also one half of the comic duo Doggett & Ephgrave, who’ve been at the Brighton Fringe before, as well as taking shows to the London, Edinburgh and Leicester Fringe. This year, I take my second one to Brighton and Edinburgh. It’s my difficult second album, or my ‘Wrath of Khan’, depending on how you look at it. It’s better than ‘Speed 2’ though, as UB40 aren’t in it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

Most of the material started life in my daily blog, which I’ve kept up for nearly three years now. I’ll be sharing tales of personal ineptitude, the bizarre situations I’ve found myself in while on the road as a jobbing actor / musician and spewing venom over all the things I hate. You can expect a fair amount of slides, as my act incorporates projection; it’s a great way to shine a light on tiny detail and squeeze more humour from it; that’s right: “more”.

Why did you decide to perform your show at the Brighton Fringe?

You always get a comedy-savvy crowd. It’s also only one train change from where I live, which is a bonus.

What makes your show different?

It’s the only one with me in it. It’s also the only one featuring a toilet brush.

Who would enjoy seeing your show?

People who find it hard to fit into everyday life. I’m looking to ignite a misfit revolution.

What has been the best advice you have been given?

Michael Barrymore told me to never look at my reviews, though this could be because he’d seen them before me. Richard Herring suggested writing a daily blog as a good way to hone your craft in an interview for my double act’s More Than Mostly Comedy podcast. I have him to thank for the OCD-based fear I face whenever I miss a post.

What show, apart from yours, would you recommend at the Brighton Fringe and why?

Jenny CollierMatt Green and Katharine Ferns are good, solid bets – but top of my list has to be Tom Goodliffe’s show, as he’s just about the nicest comic on the scene.

What do you think audiences will enjoy the most about your show?

The special effect I pull out of the bag during a bit about Clinton Cards; I don’t want to steal my own thunder, but it’s pretty astounding.

Mostly David Ephgrave appearing at the Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, 18:00 from the 16 - 19 May