Interview: Blooming Surprise

As Brighton Fringe gears up for 2016, Broadway Baby offers a preview of the shows, the people and the world that is Brighton Fringe. We’ve been speaking to participants from around the Fringe and asked them to give us an insight into their shows.

a clown character arrives to the airport and no one comes to pick her up.

Name Saras Feijoo

Show Blooming Surprise

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am an international multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker and performer. Specialising in theatre clown, physical theatre, visual storytelling and metaphysical paintings. I am also, the founder and creative director of CloWnStePPinG – a hub to further the understanding, promotion and development of theatre clown as an art.

Can you tell us a little bit about your show, what can we expect?

Blooming Surprise is a solo theatre clown show about loneliness, hope and love. One day my mum came to pick me up to the airport. By then, we haven't seen each other for long time, I wanted to do something funny so I wrote her name on a paper and came out of the arrivals holding this paper up! My mum looked at me and asked: Did you really think I was not going to recognise you? A little idea for Blooming Surprise sprouted then: a clown character arrives to the airport and no one comes to pick her up.

Why did you decide to perform your show at the Brighton Fringe?

For years, I heard many good things about Brighton Fringe but for one reason or another, was unable to make it along. Then, since late last year the little seed was growing inside myself… and also many artist friends encouraged me to do so.

What makes your show different?
Blooming Surprise is about realising that we are all able to open up our hearts and build up our dreams. It is a very personal and honest piece, which ultimately illustrate the journey of a soul finding her place in the world: using her strength and heart's desires.

Who would enjoy seeing your show?

Dreamers or anyone that has been on a journey into themselves to find courage to build up their dreams.

What has been the best advice you have been given?

Always remember that every form is an expression of infinite essence. You are that.

What show, apart from yours, would you recommend at the Brighton Fringe and why?

I have been so busy organising everything to bring my two solo shows to Brighton Fringe as well as other artistic projects that I have hardly any time to breath. I promise the first thing I will do when arriving on Brighton would be to look at what's on.

What do you think audiences will enjoy the most about your show?

I think they will enjoy the dramatic honesty, freshness, sweet humour and playfulness of it while tackling serious and important issues that concern us as human beings. Although, it does start with my own personal story I transformed it into the universal: even if our stories are not the same, I believe every member of the audience will find a space throughout the piece to reflect on their own life's experiences.

Blooming Surprise is appearing at The Warren: Theatre Box, 14-15 May 15:30