Going To Space: Pick N Mixx

Broadway Baby is having a little chat with Louisa Lorey, "a top heavy heterosexual actress" and her partner in crime, "chubby homosexual writer" Geraint Jones.

The sketches range from a hen party, to aerobics, to bingo!

Tell us about your show

What do you call a night where you speak to spirits, win prizes and get your hands on toys that would make your nana blush? One actress, seven characters, total mayhem! Double Dipp are a fresh faced Welsh comedy duo. Geraint Jones is the chubby homosexual writer and Louisa Marie Lorey the top heavy heterosexual actress. He has brought his leather kilt and she has a mouth full of haggis for their Edinburgh debut!

Why did you decide to take your show to Space UK this year?

We’ve heard great things about the space from an act who performed with them last year. They have a great reputation and are known for supporting new acts and as this is our first time it’s exactly what we needed.

What makes your show unique amongst the thousands of others at the festival?

We play pass the parcel??!!

Every audience member will get a prop and be part of the mayhem at some point… Only if they wish! One actress plays seven different colorful comedy characters that will interact and tickle the audience’s funny bone for lots of different reasons!

The sketches range from a hen party, to aerobics, to bingo! It’s a 45 minute hoo-haa that will get any festival goer ready for their night ahead.

What’s the main thing you want to get out of the festival this year?

To pop our Edinburgh cherry and experience the madness of the fringe! We want to share our work with a wider audience, make contacts for future work and hopefully get a sparkling review on the way… Oh, and eat some haggis too!

Production Company: Double Dipp Productions

Venue: The Space @ Jurry’s inn

Dates: Monday 17th – Saturday 22nd August 2015

Times: 5:10pm

Twitter Handle: @Doubledipp123