Going To Space: Buckle Up

In the first of a new feature for 2015, we talk to companies attending The Edinburgh Fringe with theSpaceUK. First off the block is Buckle Up Theatre with their aviation based comedy at the new SpaceTriplex venue!

Everything is going wrong, from the out of order toilets to toblerone related violence.

Tell us about your show

Buckle Up is a quick-paced farcical comedy set on an airplane. The moment the audience enter they become airline passengers and are subjected to the worst customer service imaginable. The pilots are hung over, the cabin crew is dysfunctional, and the tannoy system is ridiculous. Everything is going wrong, from the out of order toilets to toblerone related violence. This show escalates from mild panic to absolute hysteria with many twists and turns along the way. Buckle Up is about personal and professional relationships, narcissism and vulnerability, but above all we want to make people laugh. 

Why did you decide to take your show to Space UK this year?

We needed a venue that was flexible yet atmospheric. The Space has a fantastic set of venues with many options for a show like ours. They are able to accommodate our needs and the technical requirements for a show that is set on an airplane. The staff are friendly and professional and we're looking forward to working with them.

How did you create your show?

Originally, Buckle Up started as a sketch. We thought the characters would work well in a farce so began writing a script. It was first performed in 2012 at The Redbridge Drama Centre, London. Since then we have workshopped the script and made it into something we are proud to take to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Can you tell us a bit about your company’s background?

We trained at Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts and graduated in 2011. We've all worked professionally as actors and collaborated with each other on various projects. With a body of work under our belt we feel now is the time to launch our theatre company.

If your show does well in Edinburgh, what do you want to do with it next?

We will take Buckle Up on tour, which will help our company build up a following. We have other projects we would like to share and as an established company we would be able to apply for funding, attract performers and encourage people to see our work. 

Venue The SpaceTriplex Big

Dates 17th - 29th August (excluding sunday 23rd)

Times 12:45

Twitter @BuckleUpTheatre