Feelgood Fringe Stories: David O'Doherty & The Caravan on the Cobbles

Comedian David O'Doherty will host a one-off gig tomorrow to pay the temporary theatre license fee for his friend’s site-specific comedy horror show in a six-seater caravan. The caravan, host of Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space, found itself in nearly a thousand pounds' debt yesterday after Edinburgh City Council rejected its application for a reduced fee. David immediately offered to help out. David O'Doherty - Spirit of the Fringe will kick off on Saturday the 2nd of August, at SpaceCabaret @ 54 at 22:30.

Meet me on the Mile in ten minutes. I'll bring a bucket.

Susannah Hewlett, co-creator of the show, heard yesterday that her application to reduce the £927 application fee for her license had been refused, and retreated into her caravan on Niddry Street to figure out if there was any way she could save the show.

David O'Doherty, the Perrier award-winning Irish entertainer, had met Susannah at the 2013 Fringe and emailed her to ask about this year’s preparations. On hearing what happened David immediately offered to do the benefit gig, but Susannah didn't believe him at first.

"Meet me on the Mile in ten minutes. I'll bring a bucket," she joked.

All Fringe performance areas are required to apply for a temporary theatre license, with quality inspections from the Council and a fixed application fee for spaces of 3-200 capacity. Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space was simply unable to pay the full fee with only six tickets to sell per show - even at three shows a day.

Susannah Hewlett said, “I think at the moment the bracketed fee system is in conflict with nonconventional shows and small companies making site-specific work such as ours."

Charles Pamment from theSpace said, “To be fair, the council are across the issue and have plans abound to adjust the fees in future years. But in the meantime, it seems the spirit of the Fringe lives on with a pulling together of friends and supporters to try and pay the fee." He added that he was pleased to be able to support new and emerging work by volunteering his cabaret venue for the fundraiser.

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David O'Doherty - Spirit of the Fringe gig

In aid of Hewlett & Eaton's comedy horror show in a caravan - Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space

Venue: SpaceCabaret @ 54

Date: Sat Aug 2nd

Time: 22:30hrs

Price: £5

Limited tickets available only from the venue box offices at:

theSpace on North Bridge (V36) 0131 510 2386 boxoffice.northbridge@thespaceuk.com SpaceCabaret @ 54 (V54) 0131 510 2387 boxoffice.cabaret@thespaceuk.com