Everything your ever wanted to know about Brighton Fringe but were afraid to ask

Brighton Fringe 2018 is almost upon us and, after the hottest week in April on record, the city is looking more beautiful than ever. This year 4,000 performances are taking place in 150 venues making it the biggest Brighton Fringe ever.

Would we say we were the number one reviewer at Brighton Fringe? Yes, we would.

We’re also delighted to announce that 2018 will be Broadway Baby’s biggest ever Brighton Fringe. Having gathered the largest team in Broadway Baby’s history, hundreds of shows will be reviewed by our experienced and passionate reviewers.

We’ve complied a handy Q&A with the most popular questions we’ve been asked over the past few weeks. All of them are genuine questions from our team, participants, friends & family.

What does Broadway Baby do in Brighton?

Over the years, Broadway Baby has built up a formidable reputation at Brighton Fringe. Each May, half a million festival-goers rely on Broadway Baby’s comprehensive guide to shows at Brighton Fringe. We see more shows, publish more reviews and have a greater insight into Brighton Fringe than anyone else. Would we say we were the number one reviewer at Brighton Fringe? Yes, we would.

Where should I go at Brighton Fringe?

With over 4000 shows and 150 venues there’s plenty to do and see at Brighton Fringe. We’d recommend starting at The Warren – which has a number of different sized theatres in its large outdoor space. After that, two of the major venues that always have a good line-up are Sweet Venues and Brighton Spiegeltent. For comedy, two places definitely worth going are the long-established Komedia, which generally hosts big names and Laughing Horse, which hosts smaller ones. Both have an excellent line-up for this year’s Brighton Fringe.

Which are the best bars at Brighton Fringe?

If it’s sunny, the two places to go are The Warren and Brighton Spiegeltent for their outdoor bars. If the weather isn't as pleasant as we'd all like it to be, we’d recommend with The Marlborough, popular with the Brighton LGBTI community, or the downstairs bar at The Rialto, it’s one of our favourites.

I’m performing, how do I get you to review my show?

With the largest reviewing team at Brighton Fringe, you’re likely to be on our radar somewhere. We’re passionate about performing arts and try and review as many shows as possible, however the Festival is getting bigger and bigger so you’re not guaranteed a review. Make sure you send us some details over to brighton@broadwaybaby.com

How long is a review published after seeing a show?

We set ourselves the deadline of 48 hours. Sometimes we might miss this deadline due to needing more information, needing to see a second performance or a variety of other reasons. We want our reviews to be on the site as quickly as possible so they can be read by potential audience goers straight away.

Can I review for Broadway Baby?

Absolutely. For more information on how to join the Broadway Baby team, check out the links at the top of this page.

What should I see at Brighton Fringe?

We can’t honestly answer this question just yet, you never know what will be this year’s must-see’s. Why don’t you check out our previews in the next 2 weeks to find what our editors think are worth a look then follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-date reviews at this year’s Brighton Fringe.