#EdFringe17: Tez Ilyas is set to Teztify

Enjoy 15 minutes of stand up and chat with Tez, who in many ways is your typical lefty liberal. However, Tez also holds some pretty unpopular opinions. For example, why does he hate dogs so much? And why is he so glad that Donald Trump won?

PODCAST: Tez Ilyas

‘Tez Ilyas: Teztify’ is appearing as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/tez-ilyas-teztify

Twitter: @tezilyas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tezilyas

Website: http://tezilyas.com/

Comedy performance provided by the artist for promotional purposes. May contain material that some find offensive. © 2017 On the Mic. Produced in association with Broadway Baby, Fringepig and Voice Republic.

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Tez Ilyas: Teztify

Tez Ilyas: Teztify

Tez Ilyas shows throughout this hour that he is an assured stand-up with serious political messages to get across about intolerance. Having recently moved back to Blackburn, Ilyas recounts his experiences of having reconnected with his family there and the casual racism that he says typifies the North, both key strands in the narrative running throughout the show...