#EdFringe17: Jess Robinson is Unravelled

To celebrate reaching Episode 400, On the Mic presents our favourite comedian, actor, singer and impressionist, Jess Robinson. Enjoy a roller coaster 15 minutes of comedy, music and chat, featuring more impressions in a quarter of an hour than you’d ever have thought possible.

PODCAST: Jess Robinson

‘Jess Robinson: Unravelled’ is appearing as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/jess-robinson-unravelled

Twitter: @JessieRobinson


Website: http://www.jessrobinson.co.uk/

Musical performances featured are available to download via the artist’s website http://www.jessrobinson.co.uk/ and are reproduced for promotional purposes early. Copyright remains with the artist. Interview © 2017 On the Mic. Produced in association with Broadway Baby, Fringepig and Voice Republic.

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Jess Robinson: Unravelled

Jess Robinson: Unravelled

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