#EdFringe17: Is Jan Ravens a Difficult Woman?

Enjoy 15 minutes of comedy and chat with the county’s leading impressionist, Jan Ravens. Hear from Jan, alongside Theresa May, Diane Abbott, Fiona Bruce, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Kirsty Wark, Donald Trump and more.

PODCAST: Jan Ravens

‘Jan Ravens: Difficult Woman’ is appearing as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/jan-ravens-difficult-woman

Twitter: @thatjanravens

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RavensJan/

Comedy performance provided by the artist for promotional purposes. May contain material that some find offensive. © 2017 On the Mic. Produced in association with Broadway Baby, Fringepig and Voice Republic.

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Jan Ravens: Difficult Woman

Jan Ravens: Difficult Woman

Given the way that Jan Ravens effortlessly reels off her startling array of impressions it begs the question why it has taken so long for her to branch out on her own. This is her first Edinburgh solo show and it is a masterclass in biting satire, and comedy that deals with the more personal nature of being a 'woman of a certain age'...