DVD Review: Simon Munnery’s Fylm Makker

While he’s currently touring with its sequel ‘Fylm’, the original ‘Simon Munnery’s Fylm Makker’ gets its DVD release courtesy of Go Faster Stripe.

The camera amplifies the face the same way the microphone amplifies the voice.

Here, the playful comic experiments with live cinema in a comedy venue and film (or Fylm) is created live from within the audience. To achieve this he has a big screen on stage, a couple of cameras, a homemade light box, some paper cut out figures, a microphone and Mick Moriarty playing a guitar.

So after a little audience interaction at the start to get the room warmed up, we’re treated to an hour of live animations, satirical gags and whimsical musings. It’s disjointed and deliberately unslick, but that is Simon’s style and it’s all the better for it.

Simon’s theory is that “The camera amplifies the face the same way the microphone amplifies the voice.” It’s an intelligent, if avant-garde comedy idea, which when tested proves wholly entertaining.

Perhaps surprisingly, the experience still works well when watching it on a DVD. Fortunately the producers took the decision not to cut or edit the action in any way, so you’re very much seeing the gig shot ‘as live’. I had seen the original show during its run at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was delighted to spot much that I hadn’t noticed first time. From my own experience I know that Fylm Makker stands up to repeat viewing.


We are really spoilt for extras on this release. The main feature is the Edinburgh version of the Fylm Makker, but the extras feature two complete versions of the show shot months later in Bristol. The first is filmed the way the audience would view it, the second is filmed from around metre behind Simon, so you can see how he creates the show as it happens.

There is also a more generic behind the scenes look at the show with a very short piece that features Simon setting up his Fylm gear.

Then there are seven short Simon Munnery films which variously irritate and delight. 'The Railings of Scotland Struck With a Spoon' is an indulgence granted to Simon, given the genius of the rest of the work presented here.

£12. Available from www.gofasterstripe.com